Mounser sterling silver jewelry collection inspirationARTIST STATEMENT / 
I've always been deeply moved by nature and the feelings it conjures of being intimately grounded while simultaneously expanded. This has been at the core of my design ethos since my first collection incepted in 2009.
My design practice for developing the Lunar Study collection began with an inspiration rooted in the cycles of the moon. The pieces are named after monthly lunations adopted by multiple cultures over time as dictated by the changing seasons.
My process involved experimenting with stream of conscious drawing and painting - amorphous crescents, melting orbs and waves emerged, twisting and undulating. From there I began to develop the ethereal 3 dimensional jewelry shapes that would become the collection pieces. Exquisite care was taken in defining the space each piece embodies. The shapes are incredibly buoyant, ballooning into hollowed round proportions with thin light walls. This kind of delicate architecture is only possible to achieve through creating wax models via the 3D printing process.
It was important to focus on purity in form both in the sculptural and fabrication sense. Honoring precious metals from the earth and harnessing the magic of sterling silver was integral to my vision. A high gloss polished surface treatment is also featured. This is an arduous production process but necessary to achieve the mirror-like chrome finish intended to magnify the beauty of the sterling.
Factory partners were meticulously sourced to ensure an alignment with artisans who could execute this intricate construction process. Mounser Studio is largely produced in Belgium and Los Angeles with a handful of styles made in New York and Thailand. Mounser Studio offers a timeless excellence in thoughtful design, material attribution and conception of process. This collection is meant to last a life span transcending beyond a defined trend or movement.
My work communicates visual themes of metamorphosis, evolution and transcendence. As the moon cycles from new to full each phase offers us an opportunity to embrace or release. In a time where everything seems in flux, my work contributes to the idea of endless possibility through the open acceptance of life's cycles. We are meant to view each with a feeling of hope - finding comfort in the fluidity and freedom that dance within a changing state.
Amanda Assad Mounser. Based in Los Angeles.