With an ever growing adoration of nature, I created a series of works based on the cycles of the moon. 
My practice begins with stream of conscious colored pencil drawings - an exercise in fluidity for creating new shapes.  Amorphous crescents, varying melting orbs and waves emerge, twisting and undulating.  They vibrate within one another harmoniously.  Negative spaces are injected with acrylic and gouache hues. 
These works span 2 painting series: Lunar Study and Eclipse Season.  A 3-dimensional interpretation called Lunar Cycle in Bisque, features one of a kind ceramic art sculptures.  
Visual themes of evolution, metamorphosis and transcendence are intended.  My work is meant to contribute the idea of endless possibility and the feeling of hope this connotes.  Fluidity, and freedom lie dancing within a changing state. 
Amanda Assad Mounser / Based in Los Angeles.
for inquires regarding paintings and objects, please contact: info@mounser.com